When the world changed forever



HEALING FROM LONG COVID: The incredible saga of a fitness-minded entrepreneur from the USA who was one of the first in the world to be struck with Long Covid. She was left bedridden for a year and a half due to severe Covid Long-Hauler symptoms, but has since made a miraculous recovery despite doctors saying there was no cure.

  • A blueprint for medical professionals new to the Long Covid condition.
  • A companion for those diagnosed with Long Covid or similar illness.
  • A story of hope and healing.
  • Proof of God’s divine hand.
  • A historic document.
  • A memoir.

A Blueprint for Medical Professionals New to the Long Covid Condition

Many sufferers of Long Covid are often met with disbelief of the syndrome by medical professionals who are unaware of this condition.

Being one of the first people in my country to be diagnosed with Long Covid, I often found myself sharing with doctors how I’d found ways of healing, from a multitude of seemingly unrelated symptoms, including chronic fatigue syndrome, dysautonomia, POTs and other neurological problems, when healing didn’t seem possible.

A Companion for those Diagnosed with Long Covid or Similar Illness

  • Millions are suffering with Long Covid to varying degrees, all over the world.
  • Many are children.
  • Many have passed away.
  • Many are still bedridden since the first wave of Covid, like I was and could very well still be, if God hadn’t helped me through it. 
  • Some are now confined to wheelchairs, even though they were young and active before becoming ill.
  • Many are simply too fatigued to enjoy normal life since having Covid.
  • Many are now diagnosed with disabling autoimmune conditions that doctors say will be with them for the rest of their lives.
  • Multitudes are even suffering from an adverse reaction to the vaccine, but their symptoms are the same. I overheard their heart wrenching stories throughout my many medical and lab appointments.

A Historic Document

During the 2020 Covid pandemic, my return flight across the world between the USA and New Zealand was in jeopardy. International borders were closing down indefinitely, all over the globe. Pandemic life became an alternative reality which turned into a death spiral for me after contracting the fatal first strain of Covid. Our lives are all unique and special. Take a glimpse into mine during this unusual juncture in time.

A Story of Healing

When the odds are stacked against you, a tenacious spirit is required to prove naysayers wrong, and fight for your right to heal when the world’s top doctors say there is no cure.

Proof of God’s Divine Hand

Unmistakable points in time where the coincidences are too perfect to be anything but God’s miraculous and loving interventions.

When have you ever seen a white heron posing on the roof of a vehicle?

Around 9am on November 3, 2020 a majestic white heron landed on the roof of my vehicle and stayed there long enough for me to call the family upstairs to my office to see it and take photos.

At 4pm that same day I took the Covid test that changed my life for the next few years.

I only realized the miraculous significance of this sign from the white heron when researching dates to write my book.

It would take far more faith for me to believe this was purely a coincidence rather than God’s providential timing.

A Story of Hope

A Memoir

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About the Author

Heather Hughey is a Kiwi living in Southern California. She’s a mom of two beautiful daughters and a fluffy Havanese dog. Raised in New Zealand and Australia by her parents who were Salvation Army pastors, Heather is passionate about playing the piano at local venues and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With a successful career in business growth, she is recognized for her integrity and hard work. Loved by many globally, Heather is known for her upbeat attitude and cheerful personality.

Join Heather in her healing journey.

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